Our Fees

We are happy to provide face to face in person, phone or video consultations to suit you. 

We can meaningfully discuss 1-2 issues per 15 minute consultation. If you have more than two issues, or know your issue is complex, please respect everyone’s time and make a double appointment (30 minutes).

If you are suffering from cold or flu-like symptoms, please let reception know at the time of booking or at the time of your consultation. We ask that you do a covid test on the day. We can offer phone consultation or face to face if needed. Please wear a mask if you are unwell.

*Please check with reception if you have any queries regarding charges below. These fees are subject to change without notice. Updated 26 April 2024
**CSC = Community Service Card holders

Appointment (15 minutes)
Under 14 yearsFREEFREE
Children 14-17 years$13$48
Adults 18-24 years (Funded)$19.5$52
Adults 25-64 years (Funded)$19.5$60
Adults 65+ (Funded)$19.5$52
New Patient Initial Consult

$90 for a 30 minute consultation for all new patients.

Extended Consults (30 minutes)
Children 14-17 years$27$96
Adults 18-24 yrs$39$104
Adult 25-64$39$120
Adults 65+$39$104
Travel consultation (30 mins)$120$120
Drivers license renewal
(74 yrs and under)
Drivers license renewal
(75 yrs and up) includes memory check
IUCD insertionFREE* or $180FREE* or $180
Jadelle insertion and removalFREE* or $150FREE* or $150
Steriod injection$100+$100+

*Please book initial consult to discuss

ACC Surcharge



Under 14 yearsFREEFREE
Children 14-17 years$13.50$34.50
Adults >18 years$19.50$37.50
Repeat Prescriptions



Escript (48hr turn-around)$24$24
Urgent same day prescription$32$32
Nurse Consults

All Patients

Blood pressure cuff hire$20 HIRE + $20 refundable bond
Blood pressure check$10
Depo/B12/Liquid Nitrogen  $25
Cervical Smear$38 ($30 if CSC holder)
Pregnancy Test$10 – FREE IF POSITIVE
Lifestyle consult$20
Other Consults

All Patients

Complex Referral/Lab follow up/Referral letter/MMH/Admin charges$25+
Minor Surgery (please see your GP for an estimate)$250+
Pregnancy Care

Free for pregnancy related matters in first trimester. Normal charges apply during 2nd and 3rd Trimester and post natal appointments.