How we help you

We provide a comprehensive range of services with the highest level of care.

We are here to walk with our patients during times of illness and wellbeing, from birth to end-of-life.

We pride ourselves on offering continuity of care and developing long-term doctor-patient relationships. We also work closely together, to provide a team approach, allowing us to cover for each other as needed when team members are away. Our team strives to offer up to date medical care. We routinely attend conferences and actively communicate amongst ourselves to share new information as it comes up.

Our services

Adult and Child Medical Care

Visit us for preventative care, “warrant of fitness” checks, and diagnosis and management for all acute and chronic conditions. Our doctors have spent time gaining additional knowledge and experience in Paediatrics, mental health, skin cancer, lifestyle medicine, and Obstetrics & Gynaecology.

Minor Accident Care

We can assess and treat minor injuries like workplace and sports injuries.

Repeat Prescriptions

We offer repeat prescriptions for long-term medications. You can access these via the script line (press #2 when you phone us during office hours) or the repeat script option via the patient portal.

Lab Results

As an enrolled patient, you can access your lab results online, via the patient portal. We will be in touch with you to discuss your results if there is any cause for concern or follow up is needed. Note if a further consultation is required based on abnormal lab results this will incur our usual fee.

Minor Surgery

We can perform minor procedures with local anesthetic, including the removal of moles, ingrown toenails, skin tags, warts and some skin cancers. These need an appointment first to discuss and determine best treatment option.

Liquid Nitrogen

We administer liquid nitrogen as a quick and easy solution to treat skin lesions and warts.

Steroid Injections

We offer both small and larger joint injections to help with pain relief for conditions such as osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel, and trigger finger. An appointment with a doctor is required first.


Our nurses are highly skilled at administering immunisations. We offer all routine childhood vaccinations on the immunisation schedule, as well as flu shots, shingles, meningitis & HPV. We also offer some travel vaccinations – these need a 30 minute travel consultation first.

Cervical Screening

We encourage all women aged 25-69 to have regular cervical screening. The program has recently changed, and we now offer HPV screening through a self-testing swab you can use onsite. These require a consultation with a nurse or doctor to determine the best test for you.


Electrocardiogram (ECG) heart tests are available, to check for heart problems and assess if a referral to a Cardiologist is required.


Spirometry or lung function tests can assess lung conditions such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other respiratory conditions. This will be recommended after consultation with your doctor if indicated.

Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC)

Our doctors can help with the insertion or removal of contraceptive implants such as a Jadelle or an intrauterine contraceptive device (copper or Mirena). An appointment with a doctor to discuss your needs is required prior. Our nurses also offer regular Depo-Provera injections, after an initial consultation with the doctor to approve this.

Travel Advice and Immunisations

If you’re going overseas, we can provide advice and administer the recommended vaccinations for your destinations. Please book a 30-minute appointment for travel consultation.

Palliative Care

We are proud to offer a palliative care service to our patients. This is an important part of our role and one we all strive to do to the best of our ability. Should you require this service you will find you have after-hour access to us, alongside the hospice team, and we will walk along this challenging journey with you to ensure obstacles that can be removed are, and symptoms are as manageable as possible. Depending on your distance from the medical centre we will usually offer home visits as needed during this time.

Well Child Tamariki Ora Services

We offer all newborns a comprehensive 6 week check up with their GP. After that, we can review as needed. We actively recall and encourage all childhood immunisations as a way to protect our Tamariki.

Driver’s Medical Certificate

We can provide medical examinations and certificates for those who require one for their driver’s licence application, including for drivers of heavy vehicles and drivers over 75 years old.
A driver’s medical requires a 30 minute consultation, and a 15 minute consultation with a nurse prior. (Please book appropriately). If you are 75 years or older, we require a routine memory check as part of this examination. We find this is a useful screening tool, be reassured, the results are just one part of the whole person assessment.

Nurse Consultations

Our nurses offer a range of services – from dressing changes, wound reviews, removal of sutures, to diabetes assessments, blood pressure checks, lifestyle advice, HPV/cervical screening, Depo-Provera, B12 and liquid nitrogen. There are charges for these services. Our nurses are also the first port of call if acute advice is needed. Our nurses work closely alongside the doctors and are highly skilled in triage and determining the acuity of the situation. We also save a few appointments each day reserved for the nurses to book, so if you cannot see any appointments online but you feel you need review, please phone the team to discuss.

Aviation Medical Certificate

If you’re applying to become a pilot or air traffic controller, you can visit us for the medical examination you require. This service is available on Wednesday evenings – please contact Reception for available times and to book in.