Spring 2023 Update

Spring 2023 Update

We are starting to see a bit more sunshine, and the winter bugs are (slowly) slowing down. Time for an update on what is happening at Upper Harbour.

Staff changes:

We have a new doctor joining our team. Dr Trinh Wright has worked with both Hollie and Phill before, and brings with her experience, great communication skills and compassion. We know you will be in good hands. Trinh will be initially covering holiday leave and providing support for the team. We have also had Dr Flora Kwon working with us the last few months, we are grateful that Flora will continue to work for us over the next few months.

Our lovely nurse Jane is about to head off on maternity leave for her 2nd child. We wish her all the very best and hope things go smoothly.

Covid update:

With the last of the mandates being removed, masks are no longer formally required in medical centres. At Upper Harbour we would encourage you to please wear a mask in our surgery, to keep us all safe. The team will continue to wear masks at this time.

We continue to utilise our dedicated cabin for respiratory consultations (coughs/colds/flu like illnesses).  Please continue to let us know if you have coughs/colds so we can organise to see you in this space. On arrival for your appointment please continue to text the mobile phone and wait in your car.  The waiting room is open for all other patients.

Fees update:

Unfortunately due to longstanding inadequate Government funding, coupled with the rising costs of doing business, we have had to increase our fees.  These new fees will come into effect from Monday 28th August 23. This is an important step in maintaining our services and staff. We trust you will appreciate this is difficult for us to do, but an inevitable process.

Immunisation updates:

We encourage everyone in their 65th year to check if you have had the Shingles vaccine, ‘shingrex’. This is funded for everyone but only in their 65th year so please book for this when you reach this milestone.

Pertussis reminder – whooping cough is circulating again, a push to remind all pregnant wahine and their whanau, to please book for your boostrix vaccine. This is free in pregnancy, and strongly encouraged to protect our vulnerable babies. 

Other updates:

Changes to cervical screening program – from end of September the cervical screening program will be changing to an “HPV self-swab” program. This will still require an appointment as there are specific instructions. However this will hopefully reduce some of the discomfort out of this screening program, as cervical smears will only be needed in a small number of cases. Please read more detail here if you want: https://healthify.nz/health-a-z/h/hpv-testing/#:~:text=The%20human%20papillomavirus%20(HPV)%20test,cervix%20are%20removed%20for%20testing.

Results: a reminder you can find your results on ManageMyHealth – our patient portal (please contact reception to sign up if you haven’t already). If you have had bloods recently, a reminder we operate a ‘no news is good news’ policy, but feel free to contact us to find out results. It is taking 2-3 days for blood results, longer for specific blood results, and longer again for swabs.

Contact details: We utilise texting to send results, if you have recently changed your mobile phone number, address or other contact information, please contact us so we can keep your records up to date.

We would also encourage you to book in with us if you have not seen us for a few years, particularly if you are aged 45yrs or over, as it is a good idea to get your blood pressure checked, discuss any screening options and review your health generally (think of this as an annual “WOF”).


Remember, if you have any questions, comments or general feedback, please contact us at reception@uhmc.co.nz


Hoping for more sunshine and less rain as we head into spring.

Nga mihi,

The Upper Harbour Medical Centre Team.

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